Local Kansas City artists and poets join MC Storm for a powerful remake of the 1989 Stop the Violence - Self Destruction music video. The Martin Project was named after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and producer of the beat Martin Dumass. 

Creative Direction and Written by Storm & Jessica Ayala

Shot, edited and directed by Steve Vest

Produced by Oldsmowill De Ville & Storm

Starting Torin Thomas

Lyrics by They Call Me Sauce, Dezmond, Dev3n, Domineko, Anthem, Storm, Khajewel, Steven Cooper and Oldsmowill De Ville. Poetry by Hyprocrace and Jessica Ayala. On trumpet XJ-Will


Producer and Composed By xJ-Will

Lyrics and Narration by Jessica Ayala

An honor to work with xJ-Will. This song is a summation of the life of a doer, always battling self-doubt yet to keep humble at the same time. To have the courage to take risks, and believe in oneself when sometimes your closest friends and family do not. xJ-Will is short for JOSH-WILL-GET-IT-DONE. “Fear” personifies the ambition, and self-drive to accomplish goals despite the circumstances life throws at you on a regular basis. Let’s get out there and declare we are not afraid of our full potential.